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I was stirring my orange juice in a glass with a metal spoon and I noticed that the pitch of the sound the spoon was making tapping the bottom of the glass was rising. The more and harder I stirred the higher the pitch. I then stopped stirring but kept tapping and the sound slowly returned to its normal pitch. I wonder why it does that? I then repeated the experiment but this time with plain water in the glass. The pitch changed as I stirred but only a small amount of the previous change with the orange juice. It also returned to normal much quicker. What is it about the orange juice that produces such a dramatic change? Over a years time the amount of daylight we receive will average 12 hours per day. Actually it is about 8 minutes more because of the accumulative effects of atmospheric aberration and the 2 minutes it takes the sun to actually rise once you can see it. In winter the day gets about 3 hours shorter, depending on your latitude. So in summer it should be 3 hours longer so that the time averages out. Actually there is an extra 20 minutes in summer. How does that happen so that we still average 12 hours?

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Some cultures/ethnic groups sit differently behind the wheel when they drive a car. Why is that?


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