Maple Syrup 2005 - Sap harvesting

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01drill2.html 02drill.html 03hole.html 04insertspout.html
First he drilled about a 1/4" hole 3" deep into the tree The hole doesn't look
like much
Then he inserts the tap
05spouttool.html 06hammer.html 07spoutready.html 08hangbag.html
He has a special tool for
inserting the tap
Pounding the tap in The tap in place
ready to go
Attaching the catch bag
is the last step
09firstdrip.html 10begin.html 11inches2.html 12inches.html
The first drip off of the tap The first beginnings of sap After a couple of hours there is a couple of
inches of sap in the bag

2007 Update - The cooking process from sap to syrup

Does it look edible yet? The sap needs a lot of boiling Add more wood to the fire It boils harder
A lot of steam has to excape 40:1 It almost creates a fog bank It takes a lot of wood


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